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Foreign Trade Zones

About Foreign Trade Zones

The Foreign-Trade Zone Program was created by the U.S. government to facilitate international trade and increase the global competitiveness of U.S.-based companies. The program, which has existed since the 1930s, continues to thrive and change to better meet the needs of American companies in the global economy.


An FTZ is an area within the United States, in or near a U.S. Customs port of entry, where foreign and domestic merchandise is considered to be outside the country, or at least, outside of U.S. Customs territory. Certain types of merchandise can be imported into a Zone without going through formal Customs entry procedures or paying import duties. Customs duties and excise taxes are due only at the time of transfer from the FTZ for U.S. consumption. If the merchandise never enters U.S. commerce, then no duties or taxes are paid on those items.

Foreign Trade Zone Benefits

  • Deferral, reduction, and possible elimination of duties.

  • Tighter inventory control that may virtually

  • eliminate year-end inventory loss adjustments.

  • Potential direct delivery benefit reduces long

  • hold times at crowded ports of entry.

Foreign Trade Zone Report

This report on the 2017 Foreign-Trade Zones Board Annual Report to the United States Congress was compiled by Port Manager/Foreign Trade Zone Lisa Braud of the Port of South Louisiana and delivered to the PAL membership at its March 7, 2019 Board Meeting by Port of South Louisiana Deputy Director Roy Quezaire.


There were 191 FTZs active during the year, with a total of 329 active production operations. More than 450,000 persons were employed at some 3,200 firms that used FTZs during 2017.  Louisiana has seven grantees in the state with 92% of the product in all zones being oil/petroleum with the next highest being other metals/minerals at 5%. 

Based on the recently-released Annual report of the FTZ Board, Louisiana ranked 2nd and 3rd in merchandise received and exports in all FTZ activity.
Warehouse/Distribution category 
  • Merchandise received- Louisiana is ranked 3rd

  • Exports – Louisiana is ranked 14th

Individually, with the Top 25 Zones
  • Zone 124 – Port of South Louisiana ranked 1st in the warehouse/distribution category merchandise received category

  • Zone 2 – Port of New Orleans ranked 17th in the warehouse/distribution activity – exports category

Production Activity​
  • Merchandise received – Louisiana is ranked 2nd

  • Exports – Louisiana is ranked 2nd

Production Operations – Top 25
  • Merchandise received- Exxon (Baton Rouge) ranked 1st, Marathon (Garyville) ranked 3rd and Citgo (Lake Charles) ranked 14th.

  • Exports- Marathon (Garyville) ranked 3rd, Valero (Norco) ranked 4th, Exxon (Baton Rouge) ranked 9th and Phillips 66 (Lake Charles) ranked 25th

Louisiana Federal Trade Zones


Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans


1350 Port of New Orleans Place,

New Orleans, LA 70130



Chris Bonura


Fax: 504-528-3490


Lake Charles Harbor & Terminal District


P.O. Box 3753 

Lake Charles, LA 70601



Sharon Edwards


Fax 318-4933512

  • 87A Phillips 66 Company

  • 87B Citgo Petroleum Corp.

  • 87C Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

FTZ No. 2
New Orleans
  • 2C Huntington Ingalls Industries

  • 2D Huntington Ingalls Industries

  • 2E Huntington Ingalls Industries

  • 2F Huntington Ingalls Industries

  • 2G Trinity Yachts Inc.

  • 2H Chalmette Refining LLC

  • 2I Phillips 66 Company

  • 2J Valero Refining-Meraux LLC

  • 2K Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

FTZ No. 87
Lake Charles
FTZ No. 145


Caddo-Bossier Parishes Port Commission

P.O. Box 52071

Shreveport, LA 71135-2071



Zazell Dudley

Fax: 318-524-2273

  • 145A Avaya, Inc.

FTZ No. 279
Terrebonne Parish


Houma-Terrebonne Airport Commission


10264 East Main St.

Houma, Louisiana 70363



David Slayter

Fax: 985-876-4115

  • 124A Valero Refining

  • 124B North American Shipbuilding

  • 124C Motiva Enterprises

  • 124D LOOP LLC

  • 124E Marathon Petroleum Company LP

  • 124F Motiva Enterprises

  • 124G Halter Marine

  • 124H Bollinger Shipyards

  • 124I J. Ray McDermott, Inc.

  • 124K M-I L.L.C.

  • 124L Candies Shipbuilding, LLC

  • 124M Baker Hughes, Inc.

  • 124N Excalibar Minerals LLC

  • 124O Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

FTZ No. 124


Port of South Louisiana


P.O. Box 909

La Place, LA 70069-0909



Lisa Braud


Fax: 985-652-9518

FTZ No. 261


England Economic & Industrial Development District

England Airpark

1611 Arnold Dr.

Alexandria, LA 71303


Jon Grafton

Fax: 318-792-6063

FTZ No. 154
Baton Rouge


Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission

P.O. Box 380

Port Allen, LA



Karen St. Cyr

Fax: 225-342-1666

FTZ No. 154
Baton Rouge


Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission

P.O. Box 380

Port Allen, LA



Karen St. Cyr

Fax: 225-342-1666

  • 154A EXXON Mobil

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